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Fight’s over for Tester


Read Tester’s staff-written letter last week.  He said he’s working with the President? When? Records show he’s voted against him more than 80% of the time. He’s working on 10 bills? He’s only been part of eight bills in eight years. Come on, there is so much spin on that commentary, your stomach gets queasy.

In campaigning, Tester said he’d fight for Montana but who does he really fight for? Since almost 90% of the time, he votes for his leader, Chuck Schumer, for the benefit of his New York Gang as well as for California, Massachusetts, etc. He’s become a “New York Kinda Guy.” But fighting for Montana? Forget about it!

He supported Obama’s onerous regulations that helped kill our logging and coal industries, costing Montana hundreds of jobs as well as tax revenue for the state. He voted against the bill that places some extra bucks in Montana employee pockets. He just voted against the bill providing incentives and tax breaks for small and large Montana businesses for reinvestment and expanding employment. He prides himself as a great supporter of the military but interestingly he joined with a select few senators last month and voted “Yea” to keep the Government CLOSED in January, favoring the DACA Movement over paychecks for Montana military men and women and their families. Their livelihoods are certainly more important than supporting illegal immigration issues.

Oh, he’ll do a few select photo ops while he occasionally visits his own state so we know he’s kicking, always making sure he’s seen on local TV.

He’s become an empty suit for Montana in D.C.  Jumping or sitting on his hands as he’s told to jump or sit by New York Chuck. We don’t need a Montana Senator to help the multimillionaires from New York, Massachusetts, California, etc.  Montana needs a two-senator team voting together that really “fights” to be heard and counted instead of being cancelled out 80% of the time. We need a player, not a puppet for the east and left coast.

It’s time to send Jon Tester back to private life. “Fighting Jon” has hit the mat and is out for the 10 count.

Dale La Scala


2 Responses to Fight’s over for Tester
  1. Sheila Harker
    February 7, 2018 | 7:23 pm

    Jon Tester also voted to continue killing innocent unborn babies. He helped shut down the government last time to protect illeagal people,not US citizens. He has forgotten the people of Montana! I am not fooled by his occasional grandstanding!

    • Carol Salmonsen
      February 10, 2018 | 9:50 pm

      Now is the time Montana! We need to send John Tester home . He is a Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama far left wing nut!!! Does not represent the values we in Montana hold near and dear!!!!

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