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Now is the time


A letter to Senators Daines, Tester and Representative Gianforte,

Gentlemen, it is about time that we place a ban on assault type weapons like the AR-15, AK-47, etc. The Second Amendment was conceived during the time when the only personal weapons that American citzens had were single shot muskets and pistols. While legislation to ban these weapons is not, I am sorry to say, going to stop people killing people with guns in this country. It will, however, curtail people from killing mass numbers of people in a very short period of time with these types of assault weapons. It seems that we are paranoid about terrorism in this country but not about mass killings by sick and deranged citizens which is becoming an ever increasing threat to our security and wellbeing in our everyday life in all activities and places.

In conclusion, don’t you think as our senators and representative that we need to come up with some legislation that protects our citizens from these weapons of mass destruction because, gentlemen, if you don’t, you are indeed then complicit in all such future attacks because they will, I fear, continue to occur in this country.

Joseph G. Gallagher Jr.


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  1. Clark Lee
    November 9, 2017 | 8:12 pm

    Thank you Mr. Gallagher. Maybe if more rational thinking people speak openly about this disease that infects America, maybe, just maybe we can begin to seek a cure. I fear though that Pandora’s Box has been open for too long and it is unlikely that the demon’s can be put back in the box without validating the most perverse paranoia of the gun lobby. That is that the Boogy man is coming to get your guns. As I struggle for a rational solution to this problem, I keep coming back to the humor of Chris Rock who said something to the effect that ‘If bullets cost $5000 each, there would be no more accidental shootings’. Will this really stop or even slow down this cancer of mass shootings? I don’t know. Previous attempts to ban vice’s such as alcohol, tobacco and gas guzzlers have failed. But taxing the hell out of them has sure changed the general behavior pattern. Small success but better than doing nothing.

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