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Horribly similar

Today, I saw four more contingents of fire fighters arriving in the Bitterroot. God bless them and keep them safe.


Two of the Hot Shot transports were from communities I did not even recognize. One group had stopped at a Missoula store. They were physically fit, calm, brave, focused, team players; as were all the other groups of firefighters I’ve encountered in Stevi, Lolo and Missoula.


Back at home, I turned on the news to see two grossly overweight, ego maniacal narcissists hurling insults and threats of war at each other. One is a serial sexual predator and serial adulterer. The other is a serial murderer, even of family. Neither cares that their sick need for ego stroking could lead to the deaths of tens of thousands, or even millions. Neither creature cares.


Both of these hot air cowards love to surround themselves with displays of military power though neither ever served his country with military service.


They both strut about, clapping like trained seals. Both expect their followers to clap continuously in mindless praise. Each inherited wealth and power from fathers. The similarities are striking, right down to the ridiculous hairdos.


When I think of these two creatures wallowing in comfort while mindlessly threatening the lives of others juxtaposed with our brave firefighters and military who would lay down their own lives for others, I could just cry.


There is so much wrong with this picture, it’s hard to know where to begin.


God save our conflicted country and world from these two monstrosities.


Claire L. Kelly

One Response to Horribly similar
  1. J.W. Allendorf
    August 19, 2017 | 10:27 pm

    In reading the “Opinion” page on Wednesday August 16th, I was drawn to the title “Horribly Similar.” I was pleased to read the author’s positive remarks on the firefighters she encountered in the area. (One paragraph.)
    Unfortunately, I discovered that she only used that opening to spew political opinion and her hatred of the current administration.(four pragraphs.)I, too have my opinions, but I choose not to mix them under cover of giving praise to very deserving individuals.
    I hope Ms. Kelly is able to come to terms with her boiling hatred and resentment before she finds herself a bitter, lonely person, spewing hatred until the end of her days.
    Respectfully, J.W.Allendorf

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