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Doesn’t represent Montana values

Gianforte has spent $4.6 million not counting the millions spent by the NRA and the National Republican Party to Quist’s $1.42 million spent to date in this election. Gianforte is quoted as appealing to Washington DC lobbyists for more money because Quist has 30,000 supporters while he has only 5000. The math reveals $920 for the average Gianforte supporter to Quist’s $47.33. The character of Gianforte’s money is 19 times larger than Quist’s. And he feels money and support from Washington DC lobbyists are superior to Montanans’ support. These are not Montana values.
In the same recorded conversation on the same day, Mr. Gianforte is thankful Obamacare is being repealed while his campaign office states he would not support repeal without preserving rural access, pre-existing conditions provisions of Obamacare and reduction in insured premiums. The bill passed by the House of Representatives provides no rural access, no pre-existing conditions insurance, and increases premiums. Regardless of a voter’s position on Obamacare, the connection of these dots can only mean that Gianforte tells the voters one thing and his big Washington DC donors the opposite. These statements do not represent Montana values nor should Gianforte represent Montana in Congress.
Archie Thomas

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