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National socialism on the rise?

Many Americans regard “socialism” as a dirty word bordering on “communism.” It basically refers to a society in which there is no private property, where the government owns and runs everything — perhaps for the good of the people, perhaps not (see Merriam Webster).
So I wonder how many people here realize that “nazism” is an abbreviation for “national socialism.”
The thought arises because since the election there has been a rise in hate crimes in the US, and it seems that many of the perpetrators claim Nazi sympathies, extending even to using the “Hitler salute.” I hope they begin to realize that they are bowing to a philosophy that supports the basest of human instincts and does not support any kind of individualism.
A national socialist system is all about the government, whether based on race, color, or creed. So it seems ironic that many people who so strongly oppose “big government” are playing directly into its hands.
Mary Fahnestock-Thomas

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