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Letter campaign

I am mailing letters today to various corporate offices of Wells Fargo, owner of my mortgage and a credit card I have used for a year.
I encourage conscientious readers to consider doing the same, as a statement that we can no longer support a full-on oil-based economy, nor the treatment of our fellow citizens that is taking place in North Dakota at this time.
Feel free to use my wording when you write your own letters, to the major corporations that hold your mortgage and credit cards. They’re all pipeline funders. Every avenue of expression should be used at this time to awaken individuals and institutions that the earth must come before corporate interests.
Easily a decade ago I remember hearing “if you think oil creates wars, wait till you see the water wars.” Little did I realize the war would be fought in our country with water cannons, rubber bullets and tanks, on Treaty lands, against unarmed protectors who stand on behalf of us all.
If you agree, take action: send money, call legislators, and write letters. Here’s mine. Dear Wells Fargo Officers: I am deeply disturbed that Wells Fargo Corporation underwrites various pipeline projects in this Country, and perhaps other countries that I’m not aware of. I write to inform you that I will be ceasing use of my WF credit card, and am looking for a private lender to take over our mortgage. In no way do I want my funds going into a project that is environmentally unsound, economically antiquated, and damaging  to  people and their families. I will be encouraging others to take this action as well to awaken your corporate understanding that the personal is political, that the planet is imperiled by oil interests, and that your collective imaginations need to be focused on shifting into an oil-free future, not polluting our waters and soil with spills from pipelines.
Star Jameson

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