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Comment on Wolf Stamp proposal

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park’s proposed Wolf Stamp hearing on 8/14 was well attended. No matter the stamp name, all wildlife will benefit from education, habitat acquisition, increased game wardens and nonlethal measures to address conflicts with livestock and wildlife.
As FWP addresses financial shortages, the cost of administering Montana’s trapping program exceeds the revenue generated. Unlike guns, archery and fishing equipment, there is no excise tax on traps. As FWP proposes increasing the costs of hunting and fishing licenses, a $29 trapping license isn’t even required of residents to trap, only to trap certain species.
In Montana, hunting and fishing annually generate $311 million and $226 million, respectively. Less than .06% of all Montanans buy a trapping license. Based predominantly on 1/3 of those trappers voluntary reporting, FWP estimates an average minimum 50,000 wildlife are trapped and killed annually in Montana, personally profiting the trapper by commercializing upon our publicly owned wildlife.
In comparison, the non-consumptive users are an untapped credible resource. Wildlife viewing alone generates $401 million annually in Montana. Our great outdoors and incredible wildlife are a major draw to the state.
Awarding everyone a chance to purchase $20 wolf stamps, administering funds as intended and providing funding transparency will go a long way to benefit all.
FWP public comment period ends 8/22.
KC York, Chairman
Trap Free Montana Public Lands

2 Responses to Comment on Wolf Stamp proposal
  1. Marc Cooke
    August 22, 2014 | 4:07 pm

    Mr. Maxwell and all concerned individuals� I will address each of your concerns and provide you and any interested individual with accurate information that is supported with research and grounded in solid �. defensible science. You suggest that non lethal proactive predator measures don�t work. Nothing could be further from the truth. However � a livestock producer has to want to implement these proven and effective measures. Funding in the form of grants are provided to interested livestock producers for material and expertise on effective strategies and equipment. A step in the correct direction would be to contact George Edwards with the Montana Livestock Loss Board. Or if this interested livestock producer would like they can contact me at Feel free to review the links provided below. This will provide you with information that has merit and proven�successful track record. Mountain Livestock Cooperative (Timmothy Kaminsky) River Wolf Project: Challenge: of the Rockies has been active in the Montana Wolf Stamp opportunity. We have and continue to discuss and promote this opportunity to expand a sustainable source of revenue to assist MtFWP. We have also chatted with many decision makers, hunting organizations and �Any� individual that has expressed a concern or question about the wolf stamp. I would like to make this perfectly clear���At No Time� has the issue of retracting or even confining hunting in Montana or elsewhere for that matter ever been mentioned in any format or form. Montana Wolf Management Stamp donations go towards.1. grants awarded through the livestock loss reduction program;2. wolf monitoring, habitat, research, and education/outreach and;3. FWP enforcement staff or efforts in occupied wolf habitat.Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at Marc CookeWolves of the RockiesStevensville, MontanaCARECoexist, Accept, Respecting, EducateBecause of the Bitteroot Star Format this comment may not appear as written. For a copy of this comment please email me.

  2. Jason Maxwell
    August 21, 2014 | 4:16 pm

    York you are out of touch with reality if you think non lethal measures will work for predators. Also, hunters, farmers, and ranchers can shoot the same animals year round that a trapper can trap without a license. Why do you always leave out those facts?….. Because that hunting is your next agenda.

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