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Re: Obamacare


Van P. Keele spent an enormous amount of time and effort writing the Bitterroot Star editor to show support for Obamacare. Paragraph after paragraph after paragraph after paragraph of J&J this and J&J that, Republicans this and Republicans that, etc., etc., yadda, yadda, yadda. I had to take a nap in the middle and come back and finish it later. I was appalled to hear how evil Republicans are. Otta be a law.

Anyhow, let’s boil it down to why it won’t work. It is predicated on young people buying years and years and years and years of coverage for ailments they will never have, and injuries they will most likely never suffer. It is aIso predicated on the rest of us paying huge premiums for things we will never use, ailments and injuries we will most likely never suffer.

It was sold as “healthcare for all.” It is a fraud. At best it is insurance to offset healthcare costs.

As of today there are a sum total of 4 million Americans who have signed up. Slightly more than 1% of the overall population. Why? Because it is a fraud. The sole purpose was to give the government the opportunity to gain control over fully 1/6th of the American economy. Nothing more, nothing less.

The clock is ticking. I can hear it well. Obamacare cannot succeed and it has nothing at all to do with politics. 20 year olds are not going to pay for health insurance that they don’t need. Most 20 year olds don’t even have car payments as big as their health premiums will be. I guess we could always increase their minimum wage to $20.00, right? They still won’t spend it on Obamacare. They will spend it on all sorts of harmful things, though.

If you are poor, you will now have health coverage. With the rebates, your cost will be zero. You will be able to smoke and drink and do drugs, whatever you want. Life is good, no?

Scott Boyer


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  1. hsabin
    March 17, 2014 | 6:21 pm

    I too wrote the paper about the most outrageous comments from Keele who seems to be asleep at the switch or he is being paid by Obama to promote his propaganda.

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