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Commissioners should apologize


I attended the Ravalli County Commissioners’ meeting (1/23/2014) regarding the ongoing Treasurer’s debacle. Treasurer Stamey/Addis/Scott was glaringly absent. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, shout out in anger, or just be dumbfounded like most of the concerned citizens who attended.
What an ongoing county disaster—a bombshell impacting every resident. I don’t recall the commissioners ever apologizing for this fiasco. Only excuses. It’s another dagger into the commission’s integrity, mortally wounding the public trust.
Our county’s the laughing stock of Montana, all because three Tea Party extremist Commissioners—Foss, Stoltz, and Burrows—voted to appoint a clearly unqualified political ally to a crucial county position which handles $millions. That’s fiscal incompetence, not smart fiscal conservatism.
I understand the commissioners did only a simple criminal background check before appointing the triple alias treasurer applicant; they didn’t do a work reference check until after she was appointed. How’s this possible? They would’ve quickly discovered Stamey had misrepresented herself and was blatantly unqualified. This is an inexcusable lack of due diligence on the commissioners’ part; seemingly skirting minimal standards of quality control for hiring/appointing department heads or elected officials.
All five commissioners have dilly-dallied during this 4+ month debacle—a failure of governing competence. They lit into action, though, when the unqualified rogue treasurer made over-the-top allegations, with an immediate promise by our county attorney for a full investigation. If only the commissioners had acted so decisively weeks or months ago, when the tax money wasn’t being deposited, or when it was hidden in Stamey’s drawers, or when there was a mass employee exodus from the treasurer’s office.
How’s all this waffling and dragging-your-feet working for you, Commissioners?
Most shocking was Foss’ declaration that she never considers politics when voting for any Commissioner-appointed position. We were all aghast—hope she wasn’t under oath.
Van P. Keele

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