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Commissioners and irony

In a textbook example of irony, the county commissioners pulled off an about-face that has left many in Ravalli County with a severe case of whiplash. All five commissioners, and especially Foss, Burrows, and Stoltz, have beat the anti-government drum with steadfast devotion. They’ve made it crystal clear that they want to get Big Government off our backs, exert more local control, and keep the “outsiders” out.
However, with the Treasurer’s debacle having torpedoed this ship of fools, the commissioners find themselves over their heads in deep and troubled waters. And how do these stalwart, chest-thumping, advocates of personal responsibility react? They scream for someone to throw them a life preserver; they appeal to our state’s “bigger government” and hire outside investigators to fix a mess of their making.
We’ve not seen the slightest nod to personal responsibility, not the faintest utterance of “Gosh folks, I’m sorry I allowed this, and so much more chaos, to occur on my watch.” Suzy, who steadfastly continues to back Stamey, said, “Anyone who wants to get rid of her (Stamey) at this point needs to show me that she is personally not able to do the job.” Despite all that’s been revealed to show how cronyism drove their decision to hire Stamey, Burrows maintains that he’d do it again. Stoltz mutters, “What Suzy said.” Chilcott, weeks after Stamey’s fraudulent financial dealings came to light, says, “I was surprised.” And Iman maintains stony silence as if there might be a modicum of truth to Stamey’s allegations against him.
While, as individuals, they may be steadfast, silent, stalwart, unrepentant, or oblivious, the one thing that unites them, outside of incompetence, is the hypocrisy and inconsistency displayed in turning their backs on Tea Party values and looking to Big Government and outsiders for help. Rather ironic isn’t it?

Bruce Weide


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