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Take responsibility for your dogs


A letter to all you dog owners out there with your “good” big dogs that you love and you know would never hurt anyone.

My tiny dog and I walk early every morning. We meet one fellow who is out with his golden retriever. The dog likes to lunge at us. The owner says “don’t worry, he just wants to play.” I worry and have changed my route to avoid him.

This morning we were walking across Super 1’s parking lot when a man let his large dogs out of his car to run in the grass. The dogs saw us and started to race madly towards us, barking, snarling and showing their fangs. I grabbed my little dog up and started to yell at them. They got right up to us, stopped and went back to the car. The owner got them in the car, pulled out and yelled, “Sorry about that.”

Sorry about that! From what I could see, those dogs meant to do damage. Would you have been sorry about that?

If you have a large dog you love, please be a responsible owner. Don’t let them loose, don’t let them lunge. They are not cute, they are dangerous.

Patricia Don Diego and LuLu


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