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Universal laws must be applied


Hot topic! Commissioners voted to reject government funding.

What is the bottom line here? Why would they do that?
Why didn’t they vote for the people, don’t they care?
We have all read and heard the arguments for Title X funding.
Is it really about the rich not doing their part? Some of you think this is not fair.
Is it about women not being cared for any longer? Some of you think this is about women.
Is it about the commissioners not listening to the “people” or not doing what the “majority” want? Is the majority always right? What if the majority decided to kill all the cats and eat them? Do you think public officials must do what you demand? Are we like children begging and demanding for more allowance?
Is it about a clinic that is dependent upon someone else’s hard earned money? Why can’t the business stand on its own two feet like the rest of us must? Maybe I should stop working too.
Is it about employees who will lose their jobs? The principle of least action speaks of people doing the least for the most. We all would prefer to do the least in order to get all that we want. It is a great plan to hand out all the stolen money (government tax dollars taken from hard working Americans) until that money is gone. What happens when people stop working for those who do not? We all lose.
Is it about principles and concerns regarding the use of the money? Some think morality should not enter into politics.
Universal laws such as gravity exist in the social realm as well as the natural realm. What are these? The thinking people of this valley should consider what exactly these are and then start making all decisions based upon these universal laws. Surely there are universal laws that exist that would promote things such as fairness, peace, prosperity and freedom!
Chris Martin

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