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Unconvinced on ‘anthropogenic’ climate change


I have written a couple of “letters to the editor” which have been taken as a blanket rejection of what some believe is the top priority facing the world today – climate change.

Make no mistake, even a political conservative like me knows the climate has changed and will continue to change but that is not the point here. The anthropogenic (fancy word for ‘of human origin’) climate change that is being fostered, or jammed down our throat, is the point I take issue with, and when taught to our children as the only explanation, it smacks of elitism. If truth be told, those who have made anthropogenic climate change into a religion, dishonor a person’s choice with mean-spirited language that seeks to diminish the credibility of other points of view from even qualifying as science; shame, shame, this is not how we do it in America.

Until someone shows me the design specifications for this planet and the data to support an unmanageable anthropogenic strain on the environment, I will continue to question the validity and motives of both Democrat and Republican solutions.

Mike Mercer


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