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We’re under assault


Our property rights are under assault and we pay dearly to be assaulted.

First, in order to have the means to assault our property, and us, the authorities must apprehend some of our earnings through taxing both our means of earning a living and the property gained from those earnings, to fund the assaults on our property rights.

Second, our elected legislators continue to pass restrictions on the use of our properties via legislated rules, which restrict the freedom to use our properties in any manner we choose that incurs no harm to others or their property.

Third, restriction on use of the most personal property of all, ourselves, is the greatest assault. The image that we see looking back at us from a mirror is the most precious property that we, by nature, own. Yet, we are laden with a plethora of restrictions in the use of any item or substance now controlled by permit, license or decree by those given the authority of “knowing best.”

Lastly, saddest of all, is that those chosen or appointed to defend our personal property rights have in essence become the bullies that enforce, prosecute, and penalize those of us who only wish to exercise our unalienable rights.

It is well beyond time to stop this assault on people and property by ending prohibition. As I see it.

David A. Merrick


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