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Re: bitter Republicans


This morning I opened the newspaper to the Opinion page before I looked at the “funnies.” My goodness! Jerry Haslip really outperformed Peanuts. His rantings are always amusing but today he set a new high for absurdity. He even excelled over Bruce King the same day! I suggest that Jerry watch the National Geographic series on TV titled “Doomsday Preppers.” The “Preppers” are headed in the same direction that Mr. Haslip apparently thinks we are headed in a hand basket.

I reflect on the recent blabbering of the “Tea Partiers,” the Libertarians and the real out there Preppers and other unusual oddballs and I wonder if the roots are in the recent performances of the so-called leaders of the Republican Party. Brinksmanship is so out of place in the American way it has been difficult to keep one’s balance when you encounter it on a daily basis as I do when I encounter the obviously bitter thoughts the Republicans exhibit whenever the media gives them a stage to bellow about their loss at the polls, because their mantra is so out of step in the real world today.

Having stated the above I must reveal that I have a “bucket of entitlements” I have thoughtfully accumulated in my 88 years. The kind Jerry Haslip and others would salivate over if they can ever “straighten up and fly right.” Not one of my entitlements was free. I earned each and every one the hard way.
Earl Pollard

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