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Support for Chilcott

I must respond to recent actions by “Big Dave Smith” in his attempt to swing votes his way for a seat on the county commission. His accusations against incumbent Greg Chilcott prove to me Big Dave is either unable to do research or prefers to not present the truth…either of these behaviors is totally inappropriate for a county commissioner.
Mr. Smith states Greg Chilcott is out of the county 40% of the time… the truth is actually more like 13%, a 300% exaggeration. Greg is championing critical issues that impact Ravalli County and Montana. What is not an exaggeration is that Greg is putting in 12 hour days away from his family and beloved Bitterroot… selflessly serving you, the citizens of Ravalli County.
Mr. Smith continues his deception with campaign ads disguised to appear as factual news articles when in fact they’re fables filled with innuendos, half-truths and outright fiction exaggerating Greg’s reimbursement cost by almost 300%! A math major is not a requirement for commissioners, but Smith seems to be consistently 300% wrong!
Big Dave’s accusation about the federally mandated Coordination process further shows his strong ties to the belief system of Friends of the Bitterroot and Bitterrooters for Planning (both oxymorons)… the same folks who helped kill the timber industry and oppose the county’s Large Predator Policy.
Campaigns need to be based on truth and facts. Greg Chilcott is a proven leader with 10 years of experience and true integrity as recognized by county commissioners across our state and nation. Greg is vital to our county at a time when jobs are scarce, fire and smoke fills our skies, plus proven leadership and experience are critical to our future. Please vote for Greg Chilcott, a true vote for a positive future for Ravalli County.
Judy Kline

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  1. Marci Mansfield
    November 2, 2012 | 12:31 am

    Dear Ms. Kline,
    As the author of the ad you are referencing. I want to provide you with the expense reports I obtained from the County. These are the facts.

    Mr. Chilcott claims $703.87. According to these documents the expenses are more than 13 times that amount. And please remember MACo and NACo travel expenses are paid for by TAXPAYER dollars, yours, mine, Montana citizens and folks across the America.

    Please note this zip file contains about 30 megs in pdf files. Most pdf’s have multiple pages:

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