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Narcissist prez


Who is Barack Obama, nee Barry Soetero? He is an enigma. I pose the question, because it lingers like an itch that can’t be scratched.

• He campaigned against the “torture” of war prisoners, but brags about killing suspects while taking no prisoners.

• He called rising debts “un-American” but set a new record for borrowing.

• He railed against the imperial presidency. Then he stretched it beyond recognition.

• Taught law school in Chicago. Later he attempted to bully the Supreme Court.

Why do I label him a narcissist? Because he projects an image of himself that is grandiose, but false. As the recent documentary film “2016” points out, he was a victim of childhood abuse; it was chaotic and full of disturbing dislocations. He was a product of mixed race marriages which weren’t common then. He was only two years old, his parents divorced. He saw his father again once (who was killed in a car wreck). His mother remarried, so there was a move to Indonesia – a radically foreign land and culture, being reared by a stepfather. At age ten rushed off to live with his maternal (while) grandparents. Saw his mother rarely, then in 1979 she vanished. Died 1995.

The result of this psychiatric muddle morphed him into a narcissist. Here are the facts: narcissists have no interest in things that do not help them reach their objectives, they only focus on one thing – power. All other issues meaningless to them. Don’t want to waste precious time on trivialities. Anything that doesn’t help them is beneath them and doesn’t warrant their attention.

Is there anything more dangerous than having a man lacking conscience, a serial liar, one who can’t distinguish his fantasies from reality as leader of the free world?

Bruce King


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