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Fire causes emergency area closure on West Fork Ranger District

What:  Emergency Closure – Mustang Fire Location: West Fork Ranger District – Bitterroot National Forest The Bitterroot National Forest is implementing an “emergency area closure” on the West Fork Ranger District due to expected future fire behavior from the Mustang Fire burning on the Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho.  The lightning caused fire has grown…

It’s for the birds – creating snags for bird habitat

Through the selective use of limbing, topping and girdling and by choosing the right tree in the right place, a snag can be created offering a smorgasbord of insects and a potential home to cavity nesting birds that can last up to 40 or 50 years. Michael Howell photo.

By Michael Howell To the uneducated eye a snag is just an old, dead tree that’s still standing. To the educated eye of Dan Casey from the American Bird Conservancy, however, a snag is crucial wildlife habitat. In the eyes of a Lewis’ Woodpecker, or a Flammulated Owl, or other “cavity nesters,” it looks like…