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Re: Mitt Romney

We should be thrilled to have great people like Charles Schwab, and a bunch of other billionaires in our mist. Just look at the great thing Mr. Schwab is doing, bringing Mitt Romney to a high class, hand squeezing get together at the Daly Mansion. I suspect the generous Mr. Schwab flew Mr. Romney here for the poor man’s get together. According to the TV, the actual dinner was limited to 35 people, these of the most well-heeled people. According to the Missoulian, it cost $2,500.00 per person and $5,000.00 per couple (was this cost just to get in the gate?) The article goes on to state it cost $10,000.00 per couple to attend the reception and get your picture taken with Mr. Mitt.
Now to the dinner. $25,000.00 per person or $50,000.00 per couple got you fed, according to the TV. The people that arranged this rich man’s shindig are expected to fess up more donations to the cause. I wonder what the people living paycheck to paycheck think about this “I’ve got it and you don’t” get together.
Do you folks who intend to vote for Mr. Mitt have second thoughts about these monied people and the fact that they just want your vote and don’t give a damn about us little people? If Mr. Mitt gets elected do you think for one minute that he will think about anyone other than the well heeled and thinking of ways to keep them that way?
Floyd Wood

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  1. Jack Frost
    July 26, 2012 | 11:38 am

    Mr. Mitt is cut from the same cloth as was George Bush, Dick Cheany (oil men as well as Wall Street men). It seems the Republican agenda is to retain as much power and influence on Wall Street as possible. While that might suit a handful of well-heeled Montanans, it won’t help the majority of folks who are just trying to get by. It amazes me that when so many people in Montana seem to struggle financially that they so consistently vote Republican and against so many of their own interests! Democrats have traditionally favored policies favorable to the middle and lower class (financially speaking).
    There was much fear and angst when President Obama was elected about our guns and ammunition being at risk, prompting an amazing number of people to rush out and buy up what they believed they wouldn’t be able to purchase. Guess what? Didn’t happen! That’s just one issue people seemed to get freaked out about with the election of President Obama. What’s the issue people? Please tell me that it’s not because he fails to be a white, anglo-saxon, protestant – WASP!!
    Mitt Romney is not going to solve the issues having to do with the economy any more quickly that can President Obama. The economic turmoil that took place at the end of George Bush’s 2nd term was very serious and the solution requires a steady hand, rationale policies and patience! Things are improving here and elsewhere across the country, but it’s slow. Remember too that the U.S. is economically in much better shape than Europe. Have some faith in the good man we elected four years ago and let him try to follow through on the positive vision he has for ALL Americans!

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