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Support for Florence levy

  Why should I vote for the school levy? My kids are grown and gone! The public school system is an integral part of this country. It was established to promote an educated electorate. Responsibility for providing that education is up to all of us, not just those with children or grandchildren in school now….

Another year, another mill levy in Florence

By Richard Paris, Florence Well, sure as the sun rises in the east, March comes and there is another “Mill Levy” in Florence! The school board uses this (levy) as the norm under the current state of overspending and under achievement with both the current administration and school board having no accountability. The facts are…

Support for Florence levy

By Brenda Bolton, Florence What can a school do for you? Maybe it is not foremost in your mind anymore because you are “graduated,” an “empty-nester,” or just busy with life. You barely notice that building displaying the American flag, surrounded by teachers’ and parents’ cars. You quickly pass the windows full of paper art…

Call for Bitterroot photos Bitterroot Audubon is looking for local photographers who would like to donate a photo or two of various Bitterroot birds. The club will be making a Bitterroot Audubon 2013 calendar. The sales of the calendar will go toward the Scholarship Fund and the Education Fund. These funds help local students in…