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Get rid of ‘green’

Dear Editor,

I despise the concept of “green jobs” hatched by this dreamer that occupies the White House. It has been a total disaster since Day 1.

Simply, America’s biggest problems are separated from America’s best solutions by a huge ideological wall. It’s called Obscurantism. The Beltway keeps sticking a regulator boot on the necks of entrepreneurs, then turns around asking: “Why aren’t you creating more jobs?” Duh!

Exhibit A: Obama and company propose to raise $40 billion of taxes on oil and gas (by excluding them from credits) that go to all domestic manufacturers. Think, Carter’s “windfall profits tax”.
Exhibit B: North Dakota’s and Continental Oil companies were jumped on by the fault-lined Justice Department for the deaths of 28 migratory birds thay supposedly landed in oil waste pits. Maximum penalty on each count: 6 months in prison and a $15,000 fine. But wait a minute: the Omnipotent One’s beloved wind companies routinely kill 400,000 birds annually, without a single fine.

As Ronald Reagan famously said: “There you go again!” With millions of Americans out of work and our social problems nowhere near starting being solved, how dare these pompous bureaucrats unendingly expose us to their flatulence?

One more quote: The economist Fredrich Hayek stated in “The Road to Serfdom”: “The more the state plans, the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.”

Bruce S. King


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