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A forgotten treasure


Dear Editor,

In the September 28th issue of the Bitterroot Star editorial section, there was a commentary written by H.E. “Red” Caldwell, president of the Bitterroot Valley Historical Society Board of Directors. His editorial outlined the plight of the Ravalli County Museum and made a plea for support to keep History and Art alive for the present and future generations of our beautiful valley.

Unfortunately, the present economic climate makes it seem a nearly impossible feat. But nothing is impossible if one has the will and drive to accomplish great things. What the museum needs are people who can dream new ideas into realities – people who are willing to work together toward a goal greater than themselves.

The Ravalli County Museum is a treasure, and if we lose it, we lose part of our heritage and who we are as a people. The community of Hamilton has done a fine job updating the downtown and other business areas. Doesn’t the museum deserve that same pride and effort? Where are our priorities? The museum may not feed our stomachs, but it does feed the soul. History and Art, the two intangibles, stir the emotions and enrich the mind. Without them, mankind is dead.

This past week, when I visited and spoke to the director, Tamar Stanley, I asked her if anyone responded to the editorial written in the Bitterroot Star and she said, “Yes, one, just you.”

I was shocked and disappointed. Will we ever learn that today’s treasure can be lost forever in a pile of trash, because we didn’t care enough?

Rachel Bartlett


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