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Good weather, great times at Corvallis Cross Country

Doug Raymer of Darby was pushed for two miles by Corvallis’ Colby Henderson and Chase Stoker but pulled away for the final mile and the win. Jean Schurman photo

In many ways, a cross country meet is like a giant reunion. The coaches are friends, the athletes are friends and even the families of the athletes get to know one another and become friends. When you couple this friendly atmosphere with the great weather on Saturday, it’s no wonder everyone had a great time and great times at the Corvallis Invitational.
Corvallis’ Sadi Henderson won the girls event with a time of 18.11. She even sprinted the last 75 yards of the race. On the boys’ side, Doug Raymer was pushed by Corvallis’ Colby Henderson and Chase Stoker for the first two miles but then pulled away to finish in 14.58, his first sub-15 minute race of the season.
Coach Steve Gideon of Darby said that Raymer’s goal for this race was not necessarily to win but to get his timing down for next week’s prestigious Mountain West race in Missoula. Gideon was pleased with the Corvallis boys’ efforts to push Raymer, saying he felt that helped Raymer not only for this week but will help next week as well.
“The fact that he (Raymer) can run within himself makes him strong,” said Gideon.
Corvallis won both the boys and the girls team scoring and look to be strong at Divisionals. With the Henderson siblings leading the way for both the boys and girls, and pushing their own teammates, the Blue Devils strength in talent and numbers will be a real advantage.
Hamilton sports a young boys team according to coach Mark Albert. “Our top runners are two sophomores and a freshman. But today, Denny Hoselton finished in the top 15, that was great.”
Darby will be trying to add another plaque on their wall this fall said Gideon. With six runners on the boys’ team, the numbers will help at state. Although only Raymer and Sean Hansen have much experience, Gideon feels his younger, more inexperienced runners are on pace to peak at the state meet in October.
Team scores: Corvallis 36, Hamilton 39, Dillon 92, Anaconda 112.
Top 15 individuals
1. Doug Raymer, Darby 14:58; 2. Colby Henderson, Corvallis, 15:12; 3, Chase Stoker, Corvallis, 15:18; 4. Easton Albert, Hamilton, 15:37; 5. Aidan Theard, Anaconda, 15:44; 6. Anthony Schmaltz, Hamilton, 15:54; 7. Morley Jessop, Corvallis, 15:59; 8. Karill Apedaile, Hamilton, 16:26; 9. Emmett Stoker, Corvallis, 16:37; 10. Julien Kimball, Hamilton, 16:42; 11. Denny Hoselton, Hamilton, 16:44; 12. Sage Schooner, Dillon, 16:46; 13. Morgan Larson, Dillon, 16:47; 14. Sean Hansen, Darby, 16:48; 15. Devan Williams, Corvallis, 16:53.
Team scores: Corvallis 31, Dillon 52, Hamilton 63.
Top 15 individuals
1. Sadi Henderson, Corvallis, 18:11; 2. Olivia Wood, Anaconda, 18:15; 3. Kaycie Stewart, Corvallis, 18:38; 4. Isabella Pape, Corvallis, 18:39; 5. Ellen Hollifield, Dillon, 19:18; 6. Katie Hawkins, Dillon, 19:21; 7. Sara Amish, Hamilton, 19:43; 8. Seanna Abrahamsen, Darby, 19:54; 9. Abbi Morgan, Dillon, 19:54; 10. Annie Jessop, Corvallis, 20:09; 11. Jenny Smith, Hamilton, 20:17; 12. Sarah Del Rae, Hamilton, 20:24; 13. Lakyn Connors, Corvallis, 20:32; 14. Jordan Peterson, Dillon, 20:58; 15. Amelia Gardner, Corvallis, 21:01.

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